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Citified.com goal is to have information about cities world wide. But for right now I will focus on U.S.A. larger cities like New York & L.A. It will also have a place for business to place their information about their business, from free to several paid options.

I can't wait to get the whole wide beautiful world listed on this site. I think 30,000 pages or more will be built here in the coming years and I will need all the help I can get. The site should grow to 50+ million users.

But not only that were going link Citified.com with Versified.com. To have Versified.com to be the Social side Citified.com.

But not only that I plan to place Moneie.com ( it's old French for money ) into the mix. Like for banks, stocks, & financial stuff.

The whole plan is to have a business side, a social side and a money side and combine them to make one huge link.

Total Number of Cities In The World
Cities with Population of 1,000,000 + 457
Cities with Population of 500,000 + 1,063
Cities with Population of 150,000 + 2,896

Now you have to ask yourself? how many business would like to list their business on these websites for a cheap price?

And for investors I have no business plan, this is my plan?
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